The primary sounds you hear in
this project are created by the
Mini Moog.
The synth workstation was a Yamaha ES-8.  I used the Arturia bundle to create the
synths:   Minimoog, Moog Modular, CS-80V, Arp 2600, Prophet V, Juipter-8,
, Prosoniq Orange Vocoder.

The primary sounds you hear in this project were created by the Mini Moog.  The
creator and father of the Mini Moog was the late
Bob Moog.  The original
recordings of the MSEP are with this synthesizer.  My goal was to recreate a tribute
in the same manner that this parade was recorded in the beginning.  The current
version that runs at California Adventures is a fantastic recording; however, the old
school synthesizers used in the original versions are very different.

I have had people ask me if my version has the scratchy sounds like the original
versions.  That slightly scratchy sound is because the original synth (mini moog)
creates what are called "sawtooth waveforms".  That is the old vintage sound of the
MSEP and that is what I have recorded.  It sounds as it did in the 1970's and '80's.

I began recording the MSEP tribute on February 4, 2006.  Following nearly 2 years of
recording the project I worked with 2 of the top studio engineers in Southern
Nevada for the final mixes.  Kevin Brewer and
Jeff Bower in Las Vegas assisted me
with the final mixdown.  Originally I hired a very reputable mastering company to
master the project for CD replication.  Following 2 attempts they never got the
mastering correct.  We went over to Jeff's studio and mastered the project.  Jeff did
a perfect job in capturing those fat, warm, and, vintage synth tones in the project's
final master for the CDs.  The project was released on October 27, 2008.

* The significance of recording this project tracking with vintage and digital synths,
was to strive to capture the spirit of the original MSEP using current recording
technology. Because the duration is long, I chose to record this project as more of
a symphonic piece not using midi technology.  A composition of recorded music this
long in duration would get very boring if it were a midi project.  It is a
symphony of

What was the most fun?  90% of the sounds I used I had to program from scratch.  
The music itself and the creation of the sounds were the most fun.

What was the challenge?  The vocoder was the hardest.  The original recording
used a Bode Moog Vocoder and those have not been around for many years.  I
worked to approximate the sound with a Prosoniq Orange Vocoder.  It did not quite
match up to the Bode CD is a tribute and not the original.  "
Ladies and
gentlemen boys and girls, Jiminy proudly salutes....."

** I gathered some of the original recordings to cover on this project.  I also
downloaded many home videos from "Youtube" to help me with the arrangements.

*** I want to give something special to everyone so I licensed and included 3 songs
from Disney's animated feature "The Jungle Book".
How I Recorded Jiminy Salutes:
The Main Street Electrical Parade
Main Street Electrical Parade
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