22. June 14, 1997 - For only the second time in history, Main Street Electrical Parade performs outside of the
Magic Kingdom, this time in the middle of Times Square in Manhattan, and going by the name "Hercules'
Electrical Parade" (). The floats from Disneyland (CA) were all shipped to New York City for this one time
Videospectacular performance. The purpose of the parade performing down Times Square was to celebrate
the premier of the new Hercules movie and the opening of the New Amsterdam Theatre. Disney made an
agreement with businesses throughout an 8 block stretch of Broadway to turn off their lights for the parade,
with Warner Bros. being the only exception. Four new floats were constructed for this one time only
performance, and they were "Hercules and Pegasus," "Greek Temple," "Megara," and "Hades." The music for
this new unit was produced by Bruce Healey. All of the familiar units were behind the Hercules unit, with the
exception of the "Casey Jr." float, which was presumably dropped because it is normally the banner float and
that was not needed in this case.

23. 1997 - Disneyland Paris receives "Pinocchio"/"Pleasure Island" and "Dwarf Mine" from Disneyland (CA)
and "Swan Lake" from Tokyo Disneyland to add to their electrical parade. It coincided with the park's 5th year

24. May 21, 1999 - SpectroMagic ended its first engagement at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and
went on hiatus.

25. May 28, 1999 - The sounds of Baroque Hoedown were head once again in The Magic Kingdom of Walt
Disney World as Main Street Electrical Parade returned (
Video). However, these were not the parks original
floats. The floats used for the second engagement of the parade at Walt Disney World were from Disneyland
(CA). SpectroMagic butterflies were added to the Alice in Wonderland Unit.

26. April 1, 2001 - The Magic Kingdom's Main Street Electrical Parade ended its short two year engagement,
and was once again replaced by SpectroMagic the following day.

27. April 2, 2001 - SpectroMagic replaces Main Street Electrical Parade once again to begin its new second
engagement at the Magic Kingdom.

28. May 15, 2001 - Fantillusion ends at Tokyo Disneyland after nearly six years and is then shipped to Paris.

29. June 17, 2001 - Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: Dreamlights premiers at Tokyo Disneyland (
Video). It is
an updated throwback to the traditional style, but with a radical change in the music and floats. It still uses the
Baroque Hoedown, but the sound is far different from what most people are used to in the electrical parade.
The parade floats are much bigger and longer than the old ones, and in all the parade uses well over one
million lights.

30. July 3, 2001 - The Electrical Parade returns after a nearly five year absence to Anaheim, CA as Disney's
Electrical Parade in the brand new Disney's California Adventure (
Video). This is where the parade currently
resides. It came back missing the "Pinocchio/Pleasure Island" unit and the "Dwarf Mine" float. What happened
to the "Pinocchio/Pleasure Island" unit is still unknown. Some rumors are that the unit burned down in Paris
or it was in disrepair after leaving Paris. After leaving Orlando, the parade was originally set to go back to
Disneyland (CA), after the travesty that was Light Magic in 1997 and the void of any nighttime parade that
followed, but when the Disneyland Resort officials saw the poor Spring Break attendance at Disney's
California Adventure, they decided to bring the parade to that park to help rally the park attendance.

31. March 23, 2003 - Disneyland Paris' Main Street Electrical Parade ended its run there after about 12 years
Video). It was replaced by Fantillusion later on in 2003. It is rumored that the Electrical Parade floats were
sent back to Walt Disney World and are now in storage.

32. July 5, 2003 - Fantillusion premierd at Disneyland Paris (

33. May 5, 2005 - The sounds of Baroque Hoedown were heard yet again in the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland
(CA), but for only about 30 seconds (
Video). The Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade was honored by the
new fireworks spectacular Remember... Dreams Come True, which celebrates Disneyland's 50th anniversary
and also the park as a whole. The music is heard during the Main Street portion of the show, and has two
parts, day and night Main Street. The day part of Main Street consists of piano music courtesy of the Coke
Corner's piano, with patriotic red, white, and blue fireworks flying. Then the base drops and takes us into
night Main Street, which is of course the Main Street Electrical Parade. With multi-colored lights flying they
play the "Blue Fairy Reprise" and then half of the "Fanfare of Lights." Like many of the sections in the
fireworks show, this one usually draws a round of applause from the audience, or some other sort of
emotional response. During the segment, Sleeping Beauty Castle erupts in the brilliant colors used in the
parade. If the fireworks show is viewed from It's A Small World, you will see a projection of some of the floats
from the parade on the facade.

Fortunately, the story of the Main Street Electrical Parade is not over, and continues almost 40 years after it
was born. As the story changes and evolves, so will the history. What will history tell of the parade in the
future? There is word that Main Street Electrical Parade will return to Disneyland as early as 2009, with new
units, including a new Tinker Bell unit to replace Blue Fairy. We shall see!
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