which marked the opening of the new Fantasyland. It's worth noting that during this hiatus, City Hall in
Disneyland and Guest Communications received many requests for the Main Street Electrical Parade,
questions about where it went, if it would be coming back, and complaints that it was gone. The public outcry
for the parade was unlike any other for any other attraction in Disneyland.
12. 1985 - This was a big year for Main Street Electrical Parade. Tokyo Disneyland opened this year, prompting
the creation of a third and final original incarnation of the Electrical Parade
(Video). Tokyo Disneyland's
Electrical Parade came out to have the most radical designs of all the three parades. Although it was pretty
much an exact copy of the Disneyland (CA) parade, many familiar elements had noticable differences. For
example, their Blue Fairy had a more shapely figure, they chose to keep their "Knights of Light" throughout
the run of the parade in Tokyo where the others did away with them long before, the Alice in Wonderland Unit
included electric flowers and butterflies apart from the mushrooms, the Tokyo parade included a "Swans
Lake" unit that has never been seen inside the U.S., and probably the biggest differece being the Court
Dancers in the Cinderella Unit danced on a long and beautiful moving stage. Back at Disneyland (CA) many
new units were added to the parade. "Peter Pan"/"Pirate Ship," "Snow White"/"Dwarf Mine (
"Pinocchio"/"Pleasure Island (
Video)," and "Return to Oz" were all added in 1985. All of these units were also
made for Tokyo, except "Pinocchio"/"Pleasure Island" and "Return to Oz." "Return to Oz" only in 1985. All of
the music for these units were produced by Don Dorsey. Because this year was Disneyland's 30th
anniversary, the park stayed open for 30 hours straight. So for the first and only time, there were four
performances of Main Street Electrical Parade inside the realms of one full park operating day. Aside from the
regular performances at 8:30pm and 11:30pm, there were also performances at 1:00am and 4:00am. This year
also marked the true golden age of Main Street Electrical Parade everywhere, but especially at Disneyland in
California. Not only were all three original parades active at this time, but Disneyland's Main Street Electrical
Parade has never been as full, long, and complete as it was in 1985, with classic units like "It's A Small World
Video)," "Pinocchio"/"Pleasure Island," and "Return to Oz" that have now been lost over time. At this time, it
really would take about 30 minutes for the whole parade to go by, if you stood in one spot.

13. 1986 - For Walt Disney World's 15th anniversary they added a "Walt Disney World's 15th Anniversary" float
Video). Unlike Disneyland's anniversary floats, this one did not have its own musical signature.

14. 1988 - For Mickey Mouse's 60th birthday a float was added to only Disneyland's Main Street Electrical
Parade named, appropriately enough, "Mickey's 60th Birthday (
Video)." This was also the year that "It's A Small
World" ended its long run at Disneyland (CA), unfortunately. The reason for this is unknown.

15. September 14, 1991 - Walt Disney World said good-bye to their Main Street Electrical Parade, after nearly
fifteen years (
Video). This marked the first of the original three electrical parades to be uprooted. The floats
were then shipped to the new Disneyland Paris, which would be opening the following year. The replacement
for Main Street Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World was SpectroMagic, which premiered later on in 1991.

16. October 1, 1991 - SpectroMagic premiered at Walt Disney World (

17. April 12, 1992 - On opening day for the theme park, Euro Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade (Later
renamed Disneyland Paris Main Street Electrical Parade) premiers using the floats from Walt Disney World
Video). It's interesting to note that the "It's A Small World" unit was never used beyond 1992. The reason for
this is unknown.

18. June 21, 1995 - Tokyo Disneyland said Sayonara to their electrical parade with a farewell float to lead off
the parade that read "Sayonara Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade. (
Info)" This makes the second of the
original three electrical parades to be uprooted (
Video 1) (Video 2). The "Swan Lake" unit was shipped to
Disneyland Paris for their electrical parade. The fate of the rest of the floats from Tokyo Disneyland's
Electrical Parade are not known, but they were presumably dismantled. Tokyo Disneyland's Electrical Parade
was replaced by Fantillusion.

19. July 21, 1995 - Fantillusion premiers at Tokyo Disneyland (

20. November 25, 1996 - Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade ended its near 25 year run to much
fanfare, public response, and heavy emotion from all (
Video 1) (Video 2) (Video 3) (Video 4). This was the last
of the original three electrical parades to be uprooted. When it was announced that 1996 was going to be the
final year of Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade, the response from the public was swift and prolific.
The park saw swelling crowds that grew more massive as the final day approached. The parade was so
popular and public response was so great that although the original closing date was supposed to be
October 15th, the season was extended over a month to November 25th to meet the demand. Futher,
Disneyland had to close the gates and stop letting people into the park around the time of October 15th. That
had only happened so many times in Disneyland history. After the final performance was over, the floats were
parked at the parade holding bay behind It's A Small World, and left on until the batteries ran out. Disney sold
commemorative light bulbs from the floats at a cost of $10 each for charity, and they also sold a souvenir
video of the parade for the guests. The replacement for Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland (CA) was
Light Magic, which premiered in 1997.

21. May 23, 1997 - Light Magic premiered at Disneyland and was an immediate failure (
Video). Most reviews
from guests and press were one of disdain, and most considered it an unworthy replacement for Main Street
Electrical Parade. One local newspaper called Light Magic "The $20 million dud!" Light Magic is now commonly
referred to by many long time Disney fans, and cast members who are familiar with it, as "Light Tragic."
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