1. October 24, 1971 - The Electrical Water Pageant premiers at Walt Disney World (Video). The Electrical Water
Pageant is a regularly occurring nightly show that has over a donzen floats with lights depicting sea
creatures. The original theme music was the Baroque Hoedown (
Video), which was written in 1967 by Gershon
synthesized music) and Jim Christensen (music director). The Electrical Water Pageant shared soundtracks
with the Main Street Electrical Parade between 1972-1974. Since about 1978, the Electrical Water Pageant has
used a different musical soundtrack, which included Handel's Water Music as the opening and closing
fanfare, as well as the Sea King's music in the show (
Video). It is interesting to note that Handel's Water Music
is a Baroque musical piece. The latest version of the Electrical Water Pageant now has music from the Little
Mermaid added in for the Sea King part, as well as other different pieces (See Link 4). It is also interesting to
note that although the music has changed several times over the years, the Pageant has continued to use
synthesized music.
2. June 17, 1972 - The Main Street Electrical Parade debuts at Disneyland. The majority of the floats were two
dimensional (
Video). Some of the few floats that were three dimensional from the beginning: Blue Fairy
(Although this Blue Fairy was an entirely different and far scaled down version compared to what we're used
to today, and was replaced by the superior version in 1977), Casey Jr. Circus Train, the Whirlybugs from Alice
in Wonderland, and It's A Small World (
Video). Just as in the Electrical Water Pageant at Walt Disney World,
Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade also used the same soundtrack, with Baroque Hoedown and the
other units arranged on top of it.

3. 1973 - Copies of the soundtrack for both the Electrical Water Pageant and Main Street Electrical Parade
were made available to the public, after many requests from guests (
Video). The music was sold on
seven-inch souvenir discs, which had colorful graphics of the parade or the pageant pressed directly into the
vinyl. These were among the first of its kind.

4. 1974 - Last time Main Street Electrical Parade ran with the two dimensional floats (

5. June 14, 1975-September 6, 1976 - Main Street Electrical Parade went on hiatus during American's
Bicentennial for America On Parade (
Video). The music for that parade was produced by Don Dorsey. From
1975 to 1992, Don Dorsey was the main audio recording and post-production engineer for the Entertainment
Division of Disneyland.

6. 1977 - The Main Street Electrical Parade returned to Disneyland with all new three dimensional floats. Most
of these floats are the same ones we see in the parade today (
Video)! On June 11th, Walt Disney World's Main
Street Electrical Parade makes its debut. 1977 also marked the first time that the Main Street Electrical Parade
used the Don Dorsey arrangement of the Baroque Hoedown, which is distinguished on the soundtrack as
"Blue Fairy", as well as his updated version of the Alice in Wonderland Unit. Dorsey also added the "Electric
Fanfare," "Briny Deep"/"Underwater," "Pete's Dragon,"(The movie Pete's Dragon premiered in 1977) and
"Disney Neon Finale" tracks in 1977.

7. January 1, 1978 - Disney honored Disneyland's and Walt Disney World's Main Street Electrical Parades by
bringing some of the floats from the parade to the Orange Bowl for an exciting half time show (
Video). The
entire Alice in Wonderland Unit was brought as well as Pete's Dragon. The special event called for special
new musical sounds. Don Dorsey composed introductions and endings for each of the units, that were never
heard again after the Orange Bowl; and he also composed the grand finale for the Blue Fairy, which is now
called "Blue Fairy Reprise," and the "Fanfare of Lights". Bob Jani liked the result so much that the closing
fanfare was added to the parades in the summer of 1978.

8. 1979 - For the first time, the now signature electronic voice announcement for the Main Street Electrical
Parade was used (
Video 1) (more info). This electronic voice was achieved by using a device called a
vocoder. Jack Wagner was the voice used in Disneyland and Walt Disney World for both parades. The
vocoder combined the voice enunciations of Jack Wagner with the sounds of the synthesizer to produce the
unique sound of the announcements. 1979 was also the year that the To Honor America float was added,
replacing Disney Neon Finale. The same bases that were used for Disney Neon Finale were used for To Honor
America. The "Briny Deep" unit became "Pinocchio"/"Underwater" unit in this year as well.
"Pinocchio"/"Underwater" was seen in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

10. 1981 - "The Fox and the Hound" float was seen in the Main Street Electrical Parade this year and this year
only. "The Fox and the Hound" float was seen in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World (
more info).
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